HX fighter program Finland

HX fighter program Finland

Replacing Finland's Hornet fleet - introducing a new information concept 

Finland. Blue skies but often harsh winter conditions. Big geographical area. Strong will to defend Finland against any military threat. That’s why the need for a credible air power system is real now and in the future.

As Finland is planning to replace the capabilities of its present fighter fleet by 2025-2030, a totally new information and news concept will be introduced. Titled www.havittajahankinta.fi, it will utilize the Internet, social media (www.facebook.com/havittajahankinta, Youtube and Instagram coming soon...) as well as live events to give the Finnish general public, decision-makers and media up-to-the-minute information about the progress of the project.

As such, www.havittajahankinta.fi is a private, neutral and non-biased concept for purely informative purposes. It will be published mainly in Finnish.

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Havittajahankinta -channels will include its own news-gathering section, interviews of the various parties involved in the project, international press review, blogs, video section and commentary area for general discussion about the project.

The target of the concept is to be part in the process that will lead to Finland getting the best possible multi-role fighter solution for the future.

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